The Universal Data Connector for Supply Chains

We love being in the middle—the point between data sources and data destinations that helps organizations solve supply chain and logistics problems via our transformation engine.

Founded by industry veterans from:

Catena works with our customers to source their 1st and 2nd party data from leading supply chain data applications, 3rd parties, and public data.

Our platform can deliver new connections to ERPs, WMS, OMS, TMS, Data Lakes, CRMs and other desired locations in minutes, not weeks.

Global trade is run on email & spreadsheets and legacy ERP & BI tools. These systems don’t talk to each other – so data is incredibly siloed.

Catena takes data from various endpoints, emails, and secure files across sources and performs data validation, enrichment, and standardization.

Catena transforms data with destination specific enrichment and routes it to the right destination for analytics and system processes.

Data powers every supply chain decision

We serve a variety of high priority supply chain functional areas.

Supplier Resilience

Tier supplier management, competitive RFPs, and cost optimization.

Asset Monitoring

End to end visibility, shipping milestones, and threat assessment.

External Manufacturing

Raw materials, co-manufacturing, co-packaging, and logistics.

Demand Planning

Shelf intelligence, PoS management, and inventory replenishment.

Meeting the needs of the world’s most demanding supply chains.

Catena is a highly flexible, configurable and scalable middleware platform that can generate digital alignment between multiple parties across organizations.

Without Catena's data transformation capabilities, organizations risk running with limited speed, questionable data quality & accuracy, and lack the efficiency needed to compete in tomorrow's global markets.

“The supply chain industry needs to improve upon data interoperability. I am excited to have Catena helping Overhaul and our customers by taking our asset monitoring and risk intelligence analytics into their dozens of different TMS platforms.”

David Warrick

EVP Enterprise, Overhaul

We connect data for the modern supply chain including software vendors, service providers and manufacturers.

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